About Us

We both started out in the restaurant industry, with a passion to serve food and customers. We ended up in the same Real Estate Brokerage and got to know one another. We quickly realized how much we shared in common and the thing we shared above all else was the desire to build a new future for ourselves. 

We had both worked long hours and struggled through the demanding restaurant industry to end up at the same conclusion, that this business would only continue to suck the life out of us till we were dead. We began investing in real estate and quickly learned that there was no better way to build a better future for ourselves while still being able to work to serve others. 

Meet The Team

Chef Tommy Mosera aka Tommy Lasagna is an all around player. He somehow manages to wear multiple hats ranging from, Real estate agent, Father and Husband, and even being a personal chef for his Daughter. 

Hello, My name is John. I grew up in the area and jumped from job to job searching for something to fulfill me. I started in the restaurant industry and worked my way up from dishwasher to cooking then ultimately to managing. I had always had a dream of opening my own restaurant but the reality was not as simple. I ended up switching careers numerous times and ended up selling Hondas then eventually became a real estate agent. 

After having gone through many various experiences the most important thing that I learned was people will always respond to honesty. As long as I look for situations where all involved parties will be better off, I could run a successful business. Whether I was selling food, cars or houses, the key is transparency and honesty. 

We Are Looking For Win-Win Situations

By keeping our mission of providing solutions to clients in distress, we are able to consistently close deal after deal. 

We had already proven to ourselves that we had the hard work and dedication to get any business off the ground. We realized just how many people were in difficult situations and were looking for some help. Yes, we are trying to make money, but we are looking to make money together: with our clients, our vendor partners, and the various sellers that we run into. 

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